He is basically a reformed feral cat. Boficus, like Mitshu thoroughly enjoys the good life indoors and does not miss sleeping outside and rummaging through garbage cans in the middle of the night. Boficus is a strong-headed, proud and somewhat vane cat. He knows exactly what he wants and does not like anything or one tampering with his plans. His real test is his human host, Darla who is also strong-willed and has it in for Boficus to cleanse him of his wild ways and fully domesticate him into a furry houseplant.

Boficus lost much of his male feline zeal when Darla had him "snipped", "altered", "fixed" or however you want to call it. Boficus was never able to cope with the fact that his male-cat stud days were over and has occasional flashbacks.

Boficus is a fan of televised sports and rather than chasing squirrels, he'd rather watch the game on TV, while body-contouring the sofa ingesting entire bags of chips. He is a firm believer in the pleasures of life, but can no longer recall what they were. Boficus is the wiser of the animals in the house and likes to delegate whenever and wherever possible.

Boficus' relationship with Mitshu still mystifies even his higher brain. Why he would feel friendship for a snake is beyond his knowing, but perhaps it's the fact that he was rescued from the outside by Mitshu so very long ago.

Boficus is naturally a staunch conservative, and religiously follows Rush Limbaugh's conservative diatribe. He thinks that Mark Levin is far wittier and talented than Howard Stern and would like to personally moon Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. There is no wrong in his world politically - either you agree with him or you're wrong. Recent events in Iraq have tested his steadfast ideals, but even under pressure, Boficus still delights in throwing rusty darts at a picture of Michael Moore.

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