Meet our human character Darla who is a single, formerly upwardly mobile, young professional. She started off with a great career in finance and got herself a great rental house with a water view and a few odd creatures that came with the place. When the economic bubble burst, she lost her job in the big city and had to settle for a job as a cashier at the local mall.

In a re-evaluation of her life, Darla came to realize that her long-time boyfriend Phil was not the answer for her and summarily kicked him out of her life. Phil ended up with his old beer-drinking buddies from college. Darla still second guesses her decision and will often consult her mother, who like her, is a career-oriented woman who also ditched her husband for a successful life in the big city. Darla and her mom spend many days over cups of coffee talking things over a thousand times and coming up with no answers. Darla's mother is the model of patience and usually knows when not to offer her opinions and just listen, most of the time.

Darla also stays in touch with her only sister, Debbie who is married and has two kids that Darla loves to dolt upon, but cannot stand for more than a few hours before desiring to get back home to the sanity of a house full of weird animals.

Darla tolerates her housemates and sets strict guidelines to keep them more in touch with the human side of residential life. She is constantly challenged by Boficus' male feline mannerisms, but enjoys his conservative nature. Darla tolerates the smelly beaver that shares the house, and will only allow communication once the beaver has taken a bath. She is a politically conservative woman however she is torn between the beliefs of the conservative right, and the feminist-centered political left. Darla never liked being labeled one way or the other, but would like to be known as a Conservative Independent pro-choice Neo-Republican Reaganite.

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