This all takes place in a little harbor side community of mainly bay men and their families. Settled long ago by several Indians who found the viscous mud of the adjoining bay rich with clams, they claimed the mud where it's stench at low tide chokes the breath away, and called it Hackhog. The colonial settlers came in and pushed out the native Indians and became known as the bay folks, who then were threatened by a new set of marauding invaders, the yuppies.

Hackhog's protected bay and marshy shallows offer a place for those whose lives revolve around the tides. The yuppies like the views of the bay from the town's prominent bluffs. The Memorial Day Parade in Hackhog still features the town's own contingent of mud-sucking, clam-shucking bay men who march proudly with bushels of raw shellfish in their hands down Bay Street. The town's eclectic houses and buildings match the social quilt of Hackhog. The recent surge in real estate prices created a wealthier class that was forced to live amongst the charming, but odiferous locals. The local schools still offer classes in clam digging as well as oyster shucking in respect for the locals. They also offer classes in French wine tasting and fencing to the elementary school kids to help prepare them for the real world.

The local train station provides a link to the metropolis nearby, but the locals wish it and the newcomers to go back to the city and would rather see the city-bound commuter train cars filled with their daily catch.

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