First off, it's pronounced mee-shoe, not mit-shoo.

Our namesake and leading character is actually a very quiet sort. Keeping true to his natural instincts to lay low and stay out of sight from predators, Mitshu goes through life with a conservative approach, always tending towards caution in answer to anything that may arrive. Occasionally, Mitshu will cut loose, and show his wilder side with brief episodes of hysteria, glee and general silliness. He is usually the level-headed one of the group, and rarely allows his wilder instincts take hold.

Mitshu does not recall much of his early life as most snakes don't even know their mothers because if they stayed around to get to know them, they'd get eaten by them! Mitshu did keep in touch with his brother Miles for a spell, but Miles went off looking for his true home in the south and has never been heard from since.

Mitshu likes reading and other solitary activities. He particularly enjoys older television programs that show "the good old American way of life". He is easily made nauseous when he watches most of today's reality programming.

Mitshu has a few hang ups, mainly his want of basic limbs with operable digits like his house mates have. He also is deathly afraid of flying, a throwback to his basic wild instincts to fear anything that flies as it will probably be swooping in to eat him for lunch. Mitshu enjoys domestication and is thoroughly satisfied at spending the rest of his days being a house reptile.

Politically, he is an old-fashioned Jeffersonian Democratic-Republican who still believes in the simple virtue of strong State governments and individual rights. Mitshu feels that the current American political scene bears too close a resemblance to the Jerry Springer Show on a scale equivalent to the Ancient Roman Empire. Mitshu does not want to delve into the grim details of the world and would rather base his political direction on what the polls and the press tells him it should be.

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