The other characters

The compost pile has been the scene of several unexplained disappearances ever since Zakyev dumped his rancid leftover onion and liver borscht on it. Since that time, several neighborhood dogs have disappeared as well as gardening implements, most of the local wild life such as squirrels and rodents, and most recently, a 1975 Buick left parked nearby. Clues are few and questions are many as the residents of the house that the compost pile is located at ponder just what is going on under the leaves.


The gulls are former residents of Hackhog Bay, and have flown south to be with the "Great Gull of the South", which turned out to be the Space Shuttle. Liking life in Florida, the gulls raised a family on the water near Kennedy Space Center, thrilled at the ease at which they procured such a great spot for nesting and raising their young. The gulls are just starting to get used to the occasional sonic booms and ear-splitting rocket launches.


The rover is our little buddy on Mars that everyone forgot existed. It over-exceeded its useful life is still roaming around the planet on its own. It met up with and befriended a local youth that somehow was missed during the fact gathering mission of the rover's mission. The two have made great buddies and enjoy frolicking around the wastes of Mars while exchanging ideas and dreams of each other's home planets. The fun is occasionally interrupted by the youth's strict parents who disapprove of their child's mechanical alien playmate, as well as mission commands from NASA control.

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