Phil and the boys

Phil used to live with Darla and for a time they were very happy together in their youth. Darla grew up and basically, Phil did not. Torn between the responsibilities of life and his hedonistic former college buddies (now roommates), Phil lost Darla in the struggle and ended up back with in man-central headquarters where the beer is flowing and the odors are strong. Phil still is trying to get back with Darla but is thwarted by her steadfast determination to keep him at least four miles from anyplace she is at any given time.

Phil's roommates are Thirsty and Eugene. Thirsty's actual given name from his parents was "Thurston", after the millionaire character in the television comedy series "Gilligan's Island". They had hopes that their son would grow up rich and successful, like his namesake was, but unfortunately, they goofed. Instead, Thirsty works at the local boat shop fixing boats. Thirsty's name is more a reflection of his love of beer than anything else.

Eugene is Thirsty's lifelong buddy and is also socially introverted like Thirsty. Eugene is a rather geeky computer programmer at a local software corporation and avoids getting laid off by constantly changing his employee data in the company's server. What he lacks in personality, he makes up for in loyalty to his roommate and friend, Thirsty. Needless to say, we are talking about some seriously confirmed bachelors here.

Together, these characters fish constantly, catch fish occasionally while littering the ocean floor with fishing lures. The boys still dream of the day when in the ultimate moment of utopian ecstasy they land the mother of all striped bass.

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